Our story

My name is Chava Sanderson and I am the owner and illustrator behind Happy Trails Studios. A born-and-raised Texan turned Danish citizen, I moved to Denmark 10 years ago and live just outside of Copenhagen with my husband and our two small children. I have always loved being creative, and after we bought and remodeled our new home, I began searching for illustrations for our son’s room. I found lots of great posters and prints, but it was difficult to find pieces that were both aesthetically pleasing to me and also represented a part of his little world of trucks and trains.

One day, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own illustrations. Many of my illustrations are inspired by watching my son (and now daughter) play with their toys and begin to interact with one another. Through each drawing, I attempt to illustrate a universal aspect of a child’s imagination and to show a bit of the world through their eyes.

I hope you enjoy looking around the shop. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions – big or small!

Design with kids in mind

My illustrations are designed for – and inspired by – the world of childhood. I enjoy creating simple themes which are easy for children to identify with and often stretch the imagination with new ways of playing with everyday items. Similar color schemes make it easy to mix-and-match prints, and some are part of a series, which can be used to create a larger story line.  Others include fun advice for kids, or silly messages that kids often have for adults. While the minimalist, Nordic style fits perfectly on the walls of modern nurseries and kid’s rooms, many of my illustrations can also be used as tools for story-telling, learning numbers or colors, and much more.

Meet the team

Chava Sanderson
Designer / Owner

American who can’t drop her addiction to Dr. Pepper and fast food. Likes to hang out with kids, since she doesn’t feel quite like a grown-up yet.

Builder / Pirate

Employed since 2013. Loves trucks and anything that has to do with construction sites. Also good at riding a bicycle, climbing and making treasure maps for hidden treasure in the garden.

Biking baby-doll momma

Hired in 2015. Strives to be just as good at climbing and biking as Lucas. Loves cooking in her play kitchen and is the world’s most caring momma to 4 sweet baby dolls.

Cuddly Friends

Support the team by providing many hours of play, and round-the-clock love and cuddles.